Lebanon: translation of Minister Mawlawli’s letter on Pride

Republic of Lebanon

Ministry of interior

The Minister

Reference: 95/ s.m

To the General Directorate of Interior Security

To the General Directorate of General Security

Subject: Banning assemblies aimed at promoting sexual perversion

With reference to the above,

following calls spread on social media to hold parties and events to promote sexual perversion in Lebanon,

after this ministry received calls from religious authorities rejecting the spread of this phenomenon,

given the negative effects of this phenomenon on the individual and the society,

since personal freedom cannot be invoked to express and abuse these activities, while these are contrary to the customs and traditions of our society and contradict the principles of heavenly religions,


you are requested to immediately take the necessary measures to prevent the holding of any celebration, meeting or gathering aimed at promoting this phenomenon, and to submit reports on the outcome.

Attached: copies of these invitations.

Beirut, 24/6/2022

Minister of Interior and Municipalities

Bassam Mawlawi



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Fabrice Houdart

Fabrice Houdart


Fabrice is on the Board of Outright Action International. Previously he was an officer at the UN Human Rights Office and World Bank